What Day is it Anyway?😡

It was going okay till I read this from the NYT. When my kids were in school I was an active member of the local and state PTA and we fought against policies such as this. I think BD is a complete farce as head of our children’s education policies.




2 thoughts on “What Day is it Anyway?😡

  1. well if we had an attorney general who actua;lly understood and followed the laws, he’d tell ms. asshole-devos that what she is imposing is unconstitutional at best and a felony at worst…but since we have the right-idiot Barr in office I imagine she thinks she can get away with this. I feel sorry for the institutions who will be refusing to follow through as Ms. Betsy will sue them or cut their funding (also against the law..but we live in cheeto-world (so who cares?)

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