What Day is it Anyway?

I had to make a quick trip to take out the trash, get my mail and pay the rent. When you are paid in the middle of the month you have to “strike while the iron is hot” and still have money in the bank. At least I do.

Coming out to the sunny warm day I saw a man on the third floor across the lot enjoying time on his balcony. My eye is always drawn to this balcony because of two beautiful red Adirondack chairs placed there.

Then I was struggling with the trash bag because the bin was already full when a gentleman offered to help and that was really nice.

Next stop the mail which is in a set of boxes at the other end of the complex. A young mailman was there, had all the boxes opened and I asked him how is the mail business? He started complaining about having to fix the mistakes made by previous mail people. He spoke at length and I was getting uncomfortable so I put my mail in the scooter basket quickly and went past him. He was complaining he had no confidence in the 18 or 21 year old deliverers and he didn’t look much older himself. He kept talking as I drove past. Turns out he was a wise old 31😄. I’ve never had a problem with my mail.

Next I paid the rent and scootered back home. They just installed huge new speed bumps and I feel sorry for anyone who has to navigate over them. I’ve never seen any so high.

Have a good day!🌼

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