Thank you, Sadje!🌸

Sadje over at nominated me for this award, but my blog is award free. I have received awards and am grateful for them since it is an encouragement to keep writing. Here are the questions posed for the award. Please feel free to answer these yourselves and know I appreciate my followers and readers. Thank you!

  1. The last movie I watched was “McFarland”, again. True inspirational story.
  2. On rainy days I have the urge to bake or cook but no fudge making, it doesn’t set up in humidity.
  3. Nothing unusual or new since the lockdown for me since I live by myself.
  4. I have my phone by my side constantly. I only turn it off at night when sleeping.
  5. I think the most valued thing in a friend is honesty and trust. Everything else just comes naturally.
  6. I have too many favorite characters to name. I like the antihero types best.
  7. Autumn is my favorite.
  8. Funny this one because it reminds me of a quote from “Elmer Gantry” my husband said, “love is the morning and the evening star” which always infuriated me.
  9. I have too many favorites to name. Different decades spell them out such as “The Dick Van Dyke Show”. I think I know that series by heart. “Golden Girls”, “Mash” all loved.
  10. Time travel? Maybe to when my mom was a young woman to get to know her better.


I’m nominating anyone who takes the time and effort to draw, paint, write stories and poems and share photographs here on WP. You all deserve it!👍🏻👏🏻


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