What Day is it -3-23-20 Monday Peeve

Slept till eight, yea! Then looked at Google on my phone for the temperature.

The Monday peeve is for myself, even looking for a minute at such stupidity and hate mongering. What I looked at was this, (Jordan Klepper vs Trump supporters) and believe me, my advice is not to watch it. After a minute of seeing and hearing these people, deleted it.

I found it so sickening, disappointing, and frightening that these people might actually end up controlling our government, and of course some already are. How does this happen? People are not born to hate like this. Lately it seems I need to isolate myself from the Internet. It can’t get much worse than that video, can it? So. . .blocking that out.

Before this act of looking at the phone, I was contemplating a questionnaire for a blog post.

So reading this is not a total waste, here is a pic of my favorite spring flower-wish I could see them for real. They were blooming on the farm when I was a child, with a distinctive scent that meant summer was coming.



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