Power Outage Sunday

Electricity out until three-thirty this afternoon, now WiFi struggling to get itself in order, so I really am stuck. Luckily I have three books to read. But having everything electric in my apartment is really not great. When I had a gas stove, I had no problem cooking or keeping warm from the oven. Now it’s much different. My biggest worry was how long my freezer would maintain a good temperature since of course I just stocked it this week and it’s pretty full. How spoiled am I?

If I was in the mountains I would have an icy stream to keep things cool, a fireplace to keep warm, and a beautiful view to look at or play in, but of course that is only a dream. (Sigh)

Monday at noon, WiFi restored. Century Link said an ice storm blew it out. Uh, huh, it’s fifty degrees 🙄. What blows it out is the cheap bad wiring in this building.

Im sorry if it takes me a while to read and respond to your writings.🥰



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