PLEASE, just shut up!

Remember when it was bad form to use these two words anywhere? Now I believe the more popular F off is used instead. In the 60s and 70s when my kids were growing, I rarely said shut up but I wanted to. I was stressed. Now I could use it for my neighbors in the apartment above me.

Living on the bottom floor of an apartment building you hear everything–all the traffic, beeping alarms, (does anyone use their hands to open a car door anymore? Is it so difficult that you have to beep your way in and out all times of day and night?) air conditioners, warming up of engines, ice scrapers, plows, garbage trucks, delivery trucks.

When people come home from work, apparently they vigorously throw off their footwear, or maybe it’s their briefcase, laptop? And snoring, yes, I hear that at night if I can’t get to sleep before “they” do. I can’t sleep hearing snoring. My husband snored. My friend snores. I stayed at a hotel for a convention with my friend and got no sleep whatever. Apartments are just noisy places to live, and dogs, always a dog. I love dogs, just not their barking or crying.

I am quiet. The only time you hear noise from my apartment is when my grandkids are over and we’re laughing or watching a dvd on television. Watching TV is rare for me, I can’t stand commercials. If there ever was a time to say shut up it would be saying it to the tv commercials. Well that would be weird. I’m not saying I’ve never done it, but it is weird. Maybe I’m just weird. Maybe noise doesn’t bother anyone else.

8 thoughts on “PLEASE, just shut up!

  1. I think you’re just unlucky in the position of your apartment, can’t you ask for another ground floor apartment when one comes available. Is there a lift in your block? I’m pleased that dogs are not allowed to live in our apartments, they can visit. I had to smile when I saw a notice in the entrance the other day saying “ Visiting dogs must be kept on a lead inside the building “ obviously someone has been complaining.

    The other good thing is our apartments are for 55 years and older tenants only, even though they have two bedrooms. We are lucky I suppose that it’s so quiet but then again we are on the second of three floors , maybe it gets quieter the higher you go. 🙂

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    1. No lifts. No apartments here w lifts for handicapped. Housing is minimal here in the first place, even for non handicapped people. There is of course senior housing in places where you get room only and everything provided. I looked at one but the activities do not include wheelchair people, such as going to

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  2. It’s interesting that it’s become more socially acceptable to say F- off than Shut Up. I’m sorry your neighbours are so noisy–it reminds me of my experiences with The Serial Killer Upstairs (or at least he sounded like one!) Have you tried white noise? It’s been my saviour since Ken is a brutal snorer too:-)

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