MLMM First Line Friday 1-17-20

The scroll of the screen continued even after she closed her eyes.  It had been at least two hours she had been sitting there. Her mind was on hold after seeing the last sentence on the computer. Even the bright light of the screen in the now darkened room didn’t phase her. One sentence put her into this trancelike state.

She had known about the depression for some time, but the reality of her sister ever doing anything bizarre was incredible. She thought the therapist and medication would solve it, and carried on with her own life. She didn’t mean to ignore her sister, but she didn’t want to be brought into her doldrum life either. Being young, pretty, and a social butterfly, she was almost the opposite of her sister.

She should have taken her sister’s condition more seriously. She only realized it after reading the last shocking sentence of her sister’s email.


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