Getting Personal 😳


I use a lot of names. I started out as the bag lady to be funny because I use a pouch since the removal of my bladder, but then I happened upon rugby843 by mistake when choosing WordPress. So any name applies, I’m not pickyπŸ˜„

I share most personal details such as why my blog is named what it is. It was the reason I started the blog in the first place, a result of bladder cancer. I share most everything. I try not to get into a debate over details but do voice my opinions.

All of it!πŸ™„. If I’m happy or sad, you’ll know about it. If I’m angry or pleased you’ll know that too. I am honest here, probably too much so.

I do share my experiences and sometimes write a fictionalized version of what happened. I also “share” the mundane, and boring, so beware, I’m a talker.πŸ₯΄


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