Another, Anyone else?

I know you’re sick of me asking, is it me, because it usually is. I can’t seem to coordinate upgrades to WP, email, phone and iPad in order to make everything work well. I have the Reader, but most people I follow here I receive an email with their latest post. I don’t know who is to blame, me, yahoo, or WP. Lately when I try to leave a comment, I have to put in my name, email address, website url and then comment. After all that repetition, I click on “post comment” and get a blank page telling me I can’t post a comment. I’m also sometimes, getting a weird report looking tiny print version of your post, no pictures, just a huge wide report post and I can’t comment on those either. Times like these I look like the guy in the photo⬆️⬆️⬆️.🤯

If you’re not receiving my comments or likes, I am sorry. I appreciate all of you. Thanks for reading.❤️



28 thoughts on “Another, Anyone else?

  1. WP won’t let me post comments through Reader for anyone who doesn’t have a WordPress blog, which is really annoying, because it doesn’t tell you until you’ve written out the whole comment. Then you have to try and copy it before the whole thing shuts down!

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  2. When you have to put in your details it’s usually a sign that the site you’re visiting is not a WP site, but rather a WP site that has moved to a general website like Weebly or other free set up, but have moved their WP domain to that site. Which causes linking problems. Similar to connecting to other blogging platforms like blogger.

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  3. Sorry, for that! Too bad, you might try one of those form fillers? I am noticing a lot of upgrades across the board these past few years now. Especially with my iPad. So, don’t bother using it. Stick to the desktop. Have little room in my life, for “apps” in general. Cheers Jamie

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