8 thoughts on “Brew and Spew 10-8-19

  1. I agree with Eugenia, this is such an excellent poem. What it expresses is so true, Technically, I am afraid it doesn’t quite qualify as a ‘Lewis Carrol”l square poem because one of the rules is that each line must contain the same number of words as there are lines. Since there are three lines, each line should contain three words (which the first and third lines do), but the second breaks this rule by having five..I made a clumsy attempt to convert your wonderful poem into a true 3×3 square poem by omitting and rearranging words:

    Pictures as love,
    As gifts we
    Love, we adore.

    But it doesn’t make as much sense or is as nearly as elegant as your original.

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    1. Much closer and well written, but I am afraid still not quite a true square poem. One of the other rules is that the square poem must read the same vertically (from top to bottom) as well as the conventional way from left to right.


  2. Excellent poem! I haven’t attempted this form of poetry yet, but it looks challenging. I believe Paul at Paul’s Poetry Playground would be a better judge than me since he introduced the poetry form from his blog.

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