Another Scam🤨😖

Yesterday I received an email from my daughter in law, at least I thought it was, at first, as it was just a hello. First clue was it was from her maiden name. I’m sure it originated from her old Facebook site. I deleted my own FB site a while ago.

I thought it was strange but replied that sure I would do her a favor. I thought it might be a secret gift for my son, etc.

Then came the request, buy a gift card from iTunes, which apparently she could not do because she was travelling. Again, stupid me thought, weird, you can purchase anything from anywhere these days but I wrote back – okay. The first mail was (M) saying hello, the second asking for a favor, which showed it wasn’t her.

The most obvious fact in the second mail was M has no niece and the wording, mispelling…a copy below:


My Melissa is intelligent and articulate, would never write anything like that. So I spammed it and sent a note to my son asking him about it. Of course it’s a scam but now I keep getting mail from the same person. How do I report him? It needs to be reported to someone in authority.

Her maiden name is not common, so where did he make the connection other than FB?

If you know where I should report this. Please let me know.


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  1. Deadly but also funny. I get a few, and the spelling makes me laugh. If you let your IT know because they collect the urls to add to their block and watch list. But you also need to use your email settings to mark it spam. Which on the whole is work and annoying.

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