Bill Said It First Apparently, But …

Rory’s Spin the Yarn 2- Who Said it First?


The game is up Joe thought as he feverishly packed his bag for the next flight out. He successfully retrieved the map scrolls from Zanzibar, and dumped his revolver in an old sewer drain. He was being followed and had to leave Marguerite at the airport terminal, making an excuse to use the bathroom. She seemed totally unaware of his plot to grab the maps and leave her behind. She unknowingly made the trip a success. It would be dangerous for her to accompany him back to Washington and his ruse might be found out. This way he could simply say there was a mixup and then after a few more dates, let her down easy.

Joe boarded the plane and settled in for his trip back to DC. He was just ordering a bourbon, neat when he heard a familiar voice.”So there you are! We must have gotten our tickets mixed up. I was almost boarding a different plane when they asked if I wanted to join my companion on his flight since there were extra seats available.”

Joe was flabbergasted. All of his spy training hadn’t prepared him for this event. He didn’t appear as smooth to Marguerite as he usually did. She was surprised he seemed flustered.

M sat down next to him and started chatting nonstop about how their plans had gotten mixed up somehow, but it really didn’t matter since they were together now and everything seemed fine and they were going back home again, right Joe?

Joe was speechless, but asked for another drink, thinking, yes, he could pretend all was fine, sure he could. He mustered up his actuary persona and pretended to really listen to Marguerite.


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