Story Starter 6 – No 911

Quick, get in here!” John yelled at his wife. “There’s a fire on the carpet!” Mary ran over to get the poker and put the log back into the fireplace. “Watch out for those hot coals, another flame could start up!”

Mary took the shovel from the fireplace tools and scooped up most of the mess. She had all but finished when she turned back to her husband to see if he was all right. At that moment her long robe caught fire on the hem. Not realizing it, she was stunned as the fire took hold and suddenly her entire clothing was burning. Mary couldn’t seem to stop it, and succumbed to the flames.

John remained in his chair, seemingly unconcerned for his wife’s predicament. Buying the flammable robe to gift his wife had been a great choice. “You wanted more heat in our relationship. . .satisfied?”


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