Am I the only one? πŸ™„

I don’t use the green or blue frogs. I get emails from the bloggers whose prompts I do. At the bottom of the email is their website address. After I finish writing my post, I copy and paste that address onto the bottom of my post. It also makes it easy to find them in my drafts folder in email. Lately when I copy, it comes out looking like a long line of gobbledygook that looks the same, so indistinguishable as to which Blogger wrote what! I can either copy their address from an old Prompt post or screenshot the whole email and type it in myself. Is this the new editor I’ve been hearing about that is causing this? Or is it me, again?😳

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  1. The new editor has to be opted for, and you can opt out, but even with that nothing has changed for linking or pingbacks, the new editor works with a block or text box system.

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  2. I don’t use frogs and basically avoid prompts that ask us to. I like to link directly to the prompt post from the word I use and dislike jumping through additional hoops of annoyance. I have no idea why such nonsense is required.

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    1. I agree. It’s just none of them work lately through email at least. It’s very strange looking when you click on the web address and a huge bunch of nonsense rises above the address. And they are all the same, go nowhere. So if I copy and paste directly from their post in my email, it goes nowhere.

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