Saturday Lament : )

Who was awake till two, my eyes had sticks!

Who woke to garbage truck noise at six?

Who misplaced the coffee filter in the pot?

Water for four–now it’s not!

Who has company coming soon?

Who wants to hide out in their room?

Cold, high winds, snow on the ground

No weather for scooting around

Guess I’ll just sit and wait

What to do I’ll contemplate.

I know! Games and movies on the tube

Or would that be incredibly rude?

Whole cup of water disappeared

In the coffee pot, now that’s just weird

I’ll think I’ll have a cup anyway

It will help me make it through this day

Just thought, I need something for our lunch

Soup and salad easy, and I have a bunch.

There’s the door knock, “hey, come in!

Happy to see you” I say with a grin.


–And I am really ; )–

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