Tea, Romaine, what else?

I just saw a notice about romaine lettuce which I have been using exclusively at home for about four years. It’s supposed to be healthier and more nutritious than iceberg lettuce.

Why is it just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water…(Jaws theme in background)…this happens–from the Washington Post:


And while researching that tea I mentioned a while back, the O brand of organic tea, found a lot of teas are not “safe”.

I’ve used Stash as it is readily available here. I’ve never thought much about teas being safe. I usually choose by flavor.

Is it not enough we have to scour every label, freshness date, etc to lengthen the already boring job of grocery shopping? It’s not my idea of fun, and now it’s becoming as dreaded as the yearly flu shot! Which of course I just read that huge numbers of people died from getting one last year.

So are we to hole up in our caves, grow our own veggies, and fruit, bake our own bread, raise our own livestock–the list goes on and on.

New research, virologists, scientists all, I respect your hard work, but really, is anything really safe anymore?

And if you really want to freak out, watch Amazon’s Regenesis ; )


14 thoughts on “Tea, Romaine, what else?

  1. If you read every article about food and drink on the internet I swear you’d never eat or drink anything! Personally I stay away from processed foods and too much sugar and don’t worry about anything else too much :O) x

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  2. We had dinner at Cheesecake Factory tonight for my birthday. We were told right away that any salad using Romaine lettuce is not available. I hope this is not permanent. Right now it’s just because the E. coli outbreak in Canada so the recall applies to all the states.

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  3. Yes, a number of similar articles coming out in other sources. Another practice is blending or shandying so that the manufacturer is bulking up the tea with nonorganic

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  4. Ummm … probably? Personally, i take most with a liberal dash of sodium. I think it is important however to learn to read labels. Do not take anything for granted, etc. Stay educated. I find Washington Post full of “fake news” to start with … Did I write, “Stay educated”? Yeah? Do that, please. Cheers Jamie

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