TTC – Hidden Talent

Little boy blue was late. He was always late because he was always oversleeping. Every time he heard the scream, “come blow your horn” he knew there was going to be trouble. And of course it was his fault, taking every opportunity to nap in the haystack while he ignored his real job, protecting the crops. No one knew the real reason behind boy blue taking so many naps, but now it will be revealed.

Instead of sleeping at night, little boy blue indulged in his dream, his real reason for living, ballet. This night time activity was a passion never known to the master of the farm. And it was not, until. . .

Sleeping soundly on the hay after a particularly late evening of dancing, he suddenly awoke to see the farm’s master standing above him. “Sleeping again, I see! What in tarnation are you wearing? Are those ballet shoes?”


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