MLMM Wordle #201

He fashioned her body as a counterweight. He had always admired her ginger hair, now much redder strewn with blood. He had enjoyed this one for the most part, although certainly not the finite red haired personality. He desperately tried to postpone the ritual but was receiving pressure from the thewles of sadists to get rid of her.

Martin qualified himself as a member of the group when he made his first kill, a lovely blonde woman he started corresponding with two years ago. His routine now perfected, he searched for lonely women still in their prime, whose lives revolved around Internet dating. There were many of them out there, seeking companionship, love, and some even liked a casual romp.

The casual romp type of woman was where he found the most ready-made victims. They usually had no family connections and were easily fooled by his charm. This night he was determined to rid himself of the irritating redhead during their nightly walk in the park.

There were fountains, wishing wells, and gardens in the park. No usual walkers were there after nine, and that’s when he did the deed. Hiding a blackjack in his belt, he waited till she was throwing a coin into the wishing well, and then landed a heavy blow to her head. She was dead in a matter of minutes. He drew the bucket up from the well water and replaced it with her body. Luckily the rope was wet and strong. It was a ghastly surprise awaiting the next thrower of coins who might decide to look down.

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