Putting My Feet in the Dirt 31 and 100 Word Wednesday 73

Anchored avenues:

Blue green water called to him. He was a boatman, seafarer, sailor, pirate, seaman, marine, pilot, shipmate, sea dog, windjammer, shellback, water dog, yachter, swab, boater, tar, middy, old salt, jack or mate. He loved being on salty water, and it had been his home since twelve. Growing up on a boat may seem strange to some, but he knew nothing else.

He had traveled the world with his uncle, a mariner himself since twelve, so it was a family tradition. Today they are in port to stock supplies for the much anticipated trip to Tahiti. A dream come true.


This is the last day of the May Challenge and I must say it’s been a blast! Thank you so much to M and her daughters for coming up with very interesting prompts.


100 Word Wednesday: Week 73



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  1. It was fun reading all of your posts! Thanks so much for your participation. It’s inspiring, seeing so many people doing these. 😉 I’ve got more coming tomorrow. My girls and I have had a lot of fun coming up with these. Have a great rest of your week! 🙂

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