The Secret Keeper – Vacation

Tired of the city, the cement, the pollution stinging my eyes, the constancy of humans, bumping, pushing, ranting on about this or that even if no one was listening, as they intervened into my mind. I wanted to smell newly mown grass, feel the damp blades on my bare feet, lay down and let the scent invade my clothes. I wanted nirvana.

Arrangements had been made a month earlier, the cabin readied for my annual visit, summer flowers on the way, warming water in the icy lake, and time to play like a child with abandon. Leaving all of my ordinary daily surroundings, the reasons for my everyday existence, and the reason I can afford to play at all.

I need no companions in nirvana, only my eyes and ears being open to enjoy this earthly heaven. No need of phones, tablets, or televisions, because I have the sounds of nature to entertain me. If I am lucky, I shall have a few birds and animals to accompany my days and peepers to lull me to sleep at night.

Weekly Writing Challenge #142

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