SoCS May 19, 2018

The Royal Wedding day and of course I thought I had set my DVR to record the whole thing, woke up at five to find it wasn’t recording. Now I am relegated to switching channels between BBCA and news channels just trying to find something current. No luck, just commentary, which gets a bit old after a while. So I am recording that and will switch off commercials as I watch it later. I am surprised to see some American celebrities attending. I am excited to see Prince Harry and Meghan who both look very much in love. It does bring memories of Diana which leaves an empty hole in the affair. Seeing Camilla Bowles, of course now accepted, gives me a headache. Okay, I’ll just stop talking now…


6 thoughts on “SoCS May 19, 2018

  1. I just haven’t gotten into the whole royal wedding thing. Nice for them but it is not consuming me. My daughter’s graduation from college tomorrow is my big focus. I’ll catch the snippets of importance online I’m sure. We did make a big deal of watching Charles and Di get married but that seemed different then.

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