The Secret Keeper #141

The stage was set, Pete’s dream was about to come true. The young actor was about to have his first real acting job. He memorized every page of the script, he was ready to perform. Pete was trying out for the role of a troubled teen in a gang. So far from his real life, he was anxious to see if he could portray the character well enough to pass the audition.

Pete showed up early and approached the stage manager for any last minute instructions. He wanted to be sure he knew exactly where to stand to be heard by the producer. The man showed him the props, one of which was a gun. Pete had never handled a gun before, was unsure. Thankfully the manager showed him what to do.

As the scene started, there were other actors on stage and Pete was supposed to enter from stage left, brandishing the gun. As he stepped into his position, the scene escalated into a fight. Pete was supposed to yell a warning and then fire the gun. This was a rehearsal for the other actors, but an audition for Pete. As he waved the gun about, it went off. Thinking it was just a harmless cap gun, no one seemed surprised except Pete. The shot was real and accidentally hit the producer.

After everyone settled down and the producer suffering a slight flesh wound, was taken to the hospital, Pete was the only person still frantic. The “joke” was on Pete. The stage manager and actors were tired of the condescending attitude of the producer and decided to teach him a lesson. Pete thought maybe acting wasn’t for him after all.

Weekly Writing Challenge #141

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