MLMM Photo Challenge #214 – Reflection

Is this all I am? A body full of organs, blood, bones? I am shocked to see this is all there is after life. As I drift into nothingness, as I see myself disappearing, did anything I do really matter? Did my body betray me? My mind survives so far, but I doubt it will be here long. At least I hope I am not adrift with nothing to see or hear, just floating.

I glimpse what is left of myself and wonder why did I exist at all? Did I make a difference. . . to anyone? Did I leave a small mark on the world that surrounded me? Did I do my best?

I tried. I loved wholeheartedly, lived without restraint, without borders on my emotions; I’ve lead a good life I think–a life with hope and dreams, some even came true, but now I wonder, was it enough?

I guess it doesn’t matter now, it’s almost over, I can barely see my reflection in the clouds. I would call for help, a hand to keep me from leaving even this part of the nothing, but there’s no one to hear, no noise, no others by me, I am alone and fading. . .gone.

8 thoughts on “MLMM Photo Challenge #214 – Reflection

  1. I didn’t even notice the bird. And now that I really look I can’t see anything else. Is that bird shedding it’s red feathers? And I wonder if inside the bird is a snake shedding its skin and maybe inside the snake is something else losing its protective crust. And so on and so on as we dig deeper into the nature of things until finally we reach the end. And there is nothing else.

    Or maybe it’s just a bird.

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  2. I was originally thinking the same direction you were, then I noticed it was a red bird, and went with music. Great story!

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