Time to Write 5-11-18 – The Cat’s Not in the Cradle

“Well, Joe, I guess that about wraps things up. This was an easy one.” Mike closed his notepad as his gloved hand picked up the most damning clue. The kitchen crime scene was a simple no-brainer.

“Yeah, it always helps when the guilty party trips up!” Joe laughed. The two senior detectives had been down this road so many times, and this was giving them a chuckle. “Yup, leaving prints that lead straight from the crime always helps!” They pocketed their papers and turned to leave. A news reporter was fast on the scene and asked what happened.

“I guess there’s no harm in telling you now. It’s all over.”

“Yup. The cat’s in custody, and the spilled milk is all cleaned up. That is, what’s left of it. The milk soaked paws were a giveaway. The old lady left the milk out after creaming her coffee. Heard a big crash and came in to find a broken pitcher of milk. We have the suspect in custody and we’re on our way to the pound. She should have known better than keeping her kitchen windows open. An old lady living alone? That’s just asking for trouble.”

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