3 Quotes, 3 Days, 3 Tags #2

I want to thank momma over at: amommasview.wordpress.com, who nominated me to join this challenge. She has an entertaining inspiring blog and hosts challenges too. Please give her a looksee!

There are so many quotes to choose from, I hope my nominees have fun using their favorites. Have fun with the challenge…

Is my choice for today, easy for me because I have a book with 365 days of advice written by him.

My nominees for this second day are:




Have fun guys!

11 thoughts on “3 Quotes, 3 Days, 3 Tags #2

  1. Thanks for the tag, Cheryl, but as I said when you notified me of the tag, I already participated in this challenge back at the end of March. Plus, my One-Liner Wednesday post today was a quote. And, my WordPress one-word post today had 8 quotes. So I’m all quoted out.

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