Daily Prompt: Authentic

Authentic is a great word to describe this guy, my 18 year old grandson. I’ve written about him before, my chauffeur, my confidante, frequent conversationalist, hug giver, listener, sympathizer, wheel chair pusher, and that’s just for me! You can see in the second picture part of his personality showing–by that mischievous sparkle in those gorgeous eyes. He’s a stalwart protector not only of me, but his seven brothers and sisters. They all have an incredible bond also with their parents. The two older brothers pictured above are both strong young men with sweet and caring personalities.

This is an authentic love and connection that might seem rare in today’s world, but it isn’t. You just don’t hear about them enough.❤️💜


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    1. 🙂 I really like the expression on his face… Says a lot about himself. He looks like a kind hearted young man that doesn’t take himself seriously 🙂 That’s a great quality at that age… A big ego is a dangerous thing, sometimes.

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