SoCS 4-7-18

Passive aggressive is a phrase I’ve never understood well. The probable reason is that I’m not a passive person. I used to be, when my children were small, but as they aged, I changed. I grew more into myself, and now I guess I’m completely myself. 😳🙄

Funny how life’s events, good and bad take you there, to a point where you start thinking, okay this is it. I’m me, I’m tired of trying to be something I’m not, and who really cares anyway? Yes, I have grown kids and I am around their kids, but I’m not fooling anyone. They know me well. I guess I’m getting crotchety? Always hated that word…and yes for obvious reasons. I am older, but I have a few principles left.

And just when I thought it was safe to be me, I started a blog…oh my. Well there’s the delete button, be aggressive.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS April 7/18