MLMM Saturday Mix- Is Love a Fable

Are the stories of true love merely fables? The idea of one meeting another and suddenly blue skies and sunlight appear? Maybe in the animal kingdom where fables are usually set. Humans however think about it too much, never taking the idea as truth, at least not for long. Animals attract the opposite sex naturally, they don’t care if sudden sunlight appears on the other’s head. They don’t care if the parents or heritage is different. They see, they act.

People usually either think too much or not enough. If they’re lucky enough to hit the in between, the perfect one, even their so called soulmate, that even may not be enough. There are too many intervening factors, too much overthinking involved. A fable or moral story may involve lesser minded animals as far as love is concerned, but think about your own experiences, and tell me what you think. Is love a fable?

Animal attraction

No morals involved

Most mate for life,

Protect their mate and family for life.

If only humans were that lucky

A fable, or could we learn from them?


7 thoughts on “MLMM Saturday Mix- Is Love a Fable

  1. I do believe we often pass by the chance to live a great story with someone, just because we question, wonder, doubt too much. People think they have to be “sure”, based on actual facts, before letting themselves getting involved with another… But as you said, many animals do it naturally, and some of them are incredibly fatefull once they meet their mate! I remember a documentary I saw about Emperor penguins… These little guys have qui a harsh life, still, they stick together until the end. And none of them had to go through the “Meh, My best friend doesn’t think you’re the one for me” crap… They just know. I think we could learn a thing or two from the animal kingdom 😛

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