MLMM It’s All in the Title

The man who talked to walls was suffering from sleep deprivation. He desperately needed a night without dreams. Ever since the day the stars burned, he had been troubled by nightmares. Even though they were sometimes hideous in nature, he felt somehow guilty about them. Each evening as he tried to sleep, a disquieting haze fell over his bedroom and revenant visions of his wife appeared.

He decided to consult the fairy queen to see if she had any suggestions. Of course she obliged and said, “I have just the thing!”

In the morning he was walking in the garden, mulling over his problem, having had another vision of his dead wife the night before. Suddenly the fairy queen appeared behind the mulberry bush. ” I have it! The answer to your dilemma.” She pointed to a vision in blue, a girl called gift.

The man was instantly taken with the vision and the girl was beautiful. The fairy queen whipped out her magic wand and zap! The two were in love. The man’s nightmare visions disappeared and they lived happily ever after.

You would hope for that ending, wouldn’t you? Not so fast!

When the man awoke next to the gifted girl, she had changed. She was a living embodiment of his wife. He raced out to the garden and sought the fairy queen again.

“What’s wrong?” she asked the man. “Haven’t you ever heard “everything old is new again”?

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