Time to Write 13 – I Am the Cat!

How dare you disturb me! I know this is technically YOUR space. . .but don’t you realize I’m writing my memoirs? It takes time, since I’ve already had eight lives.

Oh, so I’m using your pen? Is that it? Well it’s a ballpoint, and easier than a pencil.

Coffee ? Well it really doesn’t have enough cream, you know I prefer it that way, but I was so into the memories, I didn’t want to take the time. . .anyway, what’s your problem?

What? You can help? I can just tell you and you’ll write it for me? That’s a great idea!

He settles himself on the blanketed sofa, she sits at the desk. He leans back with his feet crossed and his paws on his chest.

I was originally born in 1970. . .

Time To Write: Picture Prompt 13 [Creative Writing Prompt]

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