JusJoJan 11 – Humiliate

Since I already dug into my past with a different comment, I’ll follow up with a time when I felt humiliated in public, at a relative’s wedding reception. I married into a family of tiny, well educated women, the total opposite of myself. This is confession day for me, so bear with me. Or delete, up to you.

I had “ballooned” I think was the term, up to 155 pounds, even though I exercised every day, belonged to a gym, etc. I was in shape, but not slim. I went on a crash type diet, losing 30 pounds. I did this after experiencing my mother’s death of a heart attack. I saw relatives at the wedding after a few weeks absence. The humiliation came when my in-law aunt came up and loudly proclaimed, “we have our old Cheryl back!” Huh?

I never left, I was always there, being the best wife and mother I could be, working in and outside the home, juggling life. Back? I must have turned three shades of red, and it was of course, part anger. Words can be used as weapons.

#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 11th, 2018

15 thoughts on “JusJoJan 11 – Humiliate

  1. Yikes I was really behind on your blog. Been catching up and reading today.
    What a cruel thing to say to you. As if your weight defines you. Makes me angry anyone would say that to someone else. I’m sorry that happened

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    1. Over the years I have been better at not letting those things get to me. Sometimes they will get to me like a week later though! Then I will have to let them go. Age helps out on stupid people who make stupid comments I think

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