Daily Prompt: Viable

This is my take, maybe you feel the same way. When writing your blog, taking the challenges, following prompts, etc., do you sometimes have trouble with word count, trying to fit in your whole idea–feel like your creativity is hemmed in, your original idea squashed? I enjoy the 50, 99, and 100 word challenges very much. It makes you chop unnecessary words, better learn how to express your idea to the reader. There’s also probably much more chance of it being read. It’s one of those “so many blogs, so little time” things. When I have no limits on my fingers, I can be a bit boring. . .its okay, I admit I go overboard sometimes. We all do. Writing a viable poem, or prose to fit in the suggested or required parameters make us better writers. See what I did there? Included myself as a writer! Yikes! 😂

It must be the influence of my new year’s hope.


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