SoCS December 30, 2017

The day before the day before, yup, another year coming up and I must say I’m glad this one is OVER! You would think at my age, 71, I would be grateful for any year where I’m still kicking. Actually I don’t still kick, well at least not much. I do smile, laugh, kid around, play games, watch tv repeats of ER, and read and write a lot of blogs. I bet we all do. But this year has been a trial of being patriotic, but angry with the politicians. I guess we should be grateful most of T’s ideas of making America great again failed. Sorry, JMO. Forget all this, have a great New Year’s Eve, and hail in the new year, hopefully better than 2017.

I don’t make resolutions, why bother? Life happens no matter what you try to plan.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Dec. 30/17

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  1. I get it. I was just talking with my son about how 2017 was an amazing year for me personally (spiritual growth and such) but 2017 as a whole was TRASH. I can’t wait to roll into 2018 with a fervent prayer that we can start to turn things around.

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