Daily Prompt: Calling

Phone rings, it’s “them” calling again, and again, and again. Robocalls, when if I answer, there’s no person on the other end and a hesitation on the line, because the automated service that’s calling is a computer waiting to hear my hello before it starts the spiel. It could be about anything, but certainly not a human. The calls come from every state, so if you have family or friends in that state and don’t know their exact phone number, you may answer, only to be disappointed by the latest robocall service.

I do have relatives and friends over the US and I know their phone numbers. It’s a good idea to memorize those numbers or if you have a phone that shows their name or picture before you answer, use that convenience. I looked up how to keep from receiving these calls and chose the easiest option. There’s another option to put your contacts on a list and all other calls will be automatically rejected. I just chose the first one.

When I receive these calls I create a contact by assigning them the same ring, different than my regular phone ring. I also put them on an auto rejection list today, but dont know how that works yet, I’ll let you know.  If I hear the phone ring, it tells me by that certain ring that I can ignore it. This is irritating of course, but I have to always have my phone on and available for my own safety. When I bought a new phone I destroyed my old list, but the last two months they’ve started those irritating calls again. Already in two months I have fifteen different calls that I list as “dopey, dopey 1,, etc. I know, sounds silly, and it is a pain, but it’s easier than trying to block them. After the holidays I will delete these “contacts” and hope it’s another few months before they start again. Frauds happen all the time. Don’t do anything over the phone, even if you have to hire someone to take you to an actual office. I’ve learned the hard way and hope this helps you to be more aware.


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  1. Unless I recognize the number of the caller, I NEVER answer my phone. If it’s a legit caller, they will leave a voicemail message and then I will call them back. No voicemail means it was either a robocall or someone was trying to sell me something that I neither want nor need.

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