MLMM Wordle 176 – Absent Minded Professor

“Whats the matter with you, have lockjaw? I asked if you have the key!” Henry Bogus was impatiently posturing himself as he demanded the spare key to his new office, having forgotten his own.  The young janitor fumbled nervously in his pockets, finally retrieving the needed key.  

The professor looked at his companion ambiguously, trying to decide if he was just stupid or on dope.  That’s the problem with most young men these days, Henry thought, they can’t handle their problems and instead resort to the adjuration of a drug induced reality.

Mr. Henry Bogus was full of himself and held false thoughts of his own intelligence. The fact he was incompetent himself, would never utter a laconic sentence on any subject, bored his students.  Many a lecture by Professor Bogus would be drowned out by a mellisonant tune heard through tiny earphones hidden discreetly under knitted caps.

Professor Bogus was not aware of these electrics but his costume in front of the students would portray an efficient, confident teacher.  It wouldn’t be many months before his false bravado would be discovered by the administration and they would be playing his swan song.

4 thoughts on “MLMM Wordle 176 – Absent Minded Professor

  1. Oh well done indeed! Great name – for the character, adds just enough of a side-twist of humour, and you’ve painted the bullying posturing personification perfectly! (sorry, didn’t mean to run to the alliteration!) Really wonderful use of the words in the wordle – it fits the story very well. thanks for playing the wordle this week!

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