Daily Prompt:  Prefer

This is a funny one for me because naturally most everyone prefers something they don’t have, a better life, more of everything, and of course, my personal favorite, hot fudge sundaes!  Nah, just kidding.  Love is my answer.  Love in all shapes and forms for everyone would be my preference. I think if you put yourself out there, try to smile or engage with strangers–sure there are going to be one or two who look at you like you need a doctor 😳🙄 but then there’s the people who might think for a second and then smile, and leave smiling.  Then I feel great, and maybe they feel better and pass it on.

Babies are my special love, and yes I’m one of those women who ooh and ahh over them in public.  I don’t get that near or touch, that is definitely not appropriate, but I do smile and say something nice.  I also like to smile and try to engage toddlers who are in a buggy, bored to death waiting in line.  Most just smile or giggle but sometimes the wheelchair scares them, but most times it’s a fascination.

I am not deterred by my age, or appearance, yikes! 😱 I try to be friendly, smile, and am not afraid to act out a song or two with my granddaughter in public.  I offer to help people who seem to be frustrated finding something.  It’s my old retail-experienced self.

Especially now, everyone needs a smile or compliment, or engage (okay, now you really think I’m nuts) or be kind in some way.  Life today is serious, way too serious, put some fun in your life.  And this is going to sound like the baby boomer I am, but spread the love😂


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  1. Agree 100%. Sharing (and hopefully spreading) smiles is my mission in life. I have found it works well when I am working the cash register at Michaels. We have some long lines now and so people sometimes wait a bit and I find if I greet them with a smile it takes some of the edge off. Great post.

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