MLMM Tale Weaver 10-26-17

We all knew Clara had big feet. Her sisters had big feet, her brothers had big feet too, but Clara’s were extraordinarily large. Of course this caused her harm, physically and mentally.  

Walking, much less running, was extremely difficult because she couldn’t get out of her own way. Her feet were so huge that her legs couldn’t get far enough ahead of the first foot, and tripping herself up was a daily occurrence, usually many times per day. 

It was truly a sad state poor Clara was in, but physical pain wasn’t the only problem. You can imagine how much ridicule and teasing she went through because of those “clodhoppers”. That was only one of the names she was called daily. Her schoolmates would snicker with singsong phrases, “Clara’s clodhoppers clop right over you…”

As time went on, Clara started to grow bigger and her feet didn’t seem so out of proportion. Less and less people noticed only her feet, because she grew to a height of seven feet and they weren’t as prominent when the rest of her body grew larger.

Adapting to her new image, Clara said to herself, “okay, my clodhoppers can clopps right!  We’ll be fine.”

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