The 😈Dentist😈

Oh the dentist chair

An enviable lair

With a view sublime

Yes, it’s tooth pain time.

They escort you in

Say, “lift your chin”

They attach a bib

Their smile is glib

Then he turns his back

While a needle he jacks.

“Open wide”  he says with a smile

You’re getting more nervous all the while

Couldn’t I just have gas instead?

“No, I think it would mess with your head”

So I close my eyes and grip the chair

Try to focus on something not there

As the pain rises, so does my dread

Almost done?  Pain fools with my head

I try to stay still as the needle pokes

Again and again, and it envokes

More pain with no numbing relief

I can’t take much more, good grief!

I try to relax my hands on the arms

The chair’s upholstery might come to harm

I don’t want to squirm, might make it worse

I wonder if dentists ever rehearse.

I’ve heard of the colleges and schools

The volunteer patients must be fools!

I know dentists have a job to do

Keeping teeth healthy for me and you

But there’s been no advances in many years

That whining drill still hurts my ears

And couldn’t there be a numbing solution 

Before using needles in this institution?

I suppose I’ll just have to grin and bear it

But it’s frightening to have to dare it

Either that or a toothless grin

You see the predicament that I’m in?


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