Story from “Incognito” – my sister 😉


Geez, Lizzy, I don’t know what you want. It’s confusin’!”
I don’t want all that much. Just–ah—I’ve made a list. 
Please, God, no list. Can’t you tell me ? Few words would be great.
It’s not that long. Only one page. Number one–I want a strong man
That’s me! I carried you over the threshold, didn’t I?” 
Not that kind of strong.  
Strong when the bill collectors call, when the kids drive me crazy, when your mother tells you I belong in the loony bin!
Oh. Okay.
Number two. I want you to be sensitive. 
Hey–I cried when the Cardinals lost.
Sure you did. I brought the Kleenex. I mean sensitive to my feelings, my desires– you don’t even try. It’s like you’re immune! 
Geez, I thought last night was fantastic!  
Not sex!
Well, pardon me, your highness! You seemed to be enjoying yourself, if I recall!
Oh, you just don’t get it! Sex is great, but I have other feelings, if it’s not too hard for you to wrap that around your brain!
I brought you the heating pad when you had that pain in your back, didn’t I? 
Yes. That was very thoughtful of you. But you’re still not getting it.
Getting what?
When I tell you my feelings are hurt, you give me a blank stare as though you have no clue what you just said to me. 
What did I say? 
Not today!! A couple of weeks ago. We went out dancing, don’t you remember? I wanted an opinion on my new dress. You didn’t even look up from the sports page. You just grunted something like–Yeah, fine.
Now, see? That’s the problem. You should know by now. I always think you look great. You could wear a sheet. What would I care? I don’t need to look because I know you always look great. So–sue me.
Oh, Elrod, that’s what I’m talking about!  
What did I say? But if it made you happy, it tickles me right to death! 
Oh, Elrod, you’re so strong! 
Told you so.
And so sensitive! 
Oh yeah!

 I had to share this because I think we can all relate!  Hope you enjoyed it!

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