Daily Prompt: Β Disobey

I’ll tell you the tale of a boy, eleven

Supposedly a gift from heaven

His parents delight

Till they gave up the fight.


No matter the day

He’d disobey.

Doing dishes you might think

Make him stand by the sink

Or some other similar chore

Would bad behavior be no more?


His disobedience always caused a melee 

Any good behavior required a fee

To be paid by the parent

Should they?  It was apparent

That misbehavior

Was something he savored


It was his delight, often crude

and voice mostly rude

That drove them to offer

Coins in a coffer

To tame his actions

T’was his satisfaction

The plan turned out well

His savings did swell

Disproving the theory

Inviting a query –

Does crime pay?



6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Β Disobey

  1. Had a laugh.
    On a serious note, it’s a very important question that needs serious thought. Again, I’m impressed with your ability to raise an issue with humor. Brilliant, simply brilliant, Rugby. πŸ™‚

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