MLMM Tale Weaver 129

Great. Here she comes again, opening my door, setting it down on her chair wheel. Then she wonders why my door is not flat and the bottom rack won’t roll out! Why she does this every day, I cannot imagine. She never uses the rinse and hold, so I have to sit here with three days of dirty dishes in me. The worst is the odors….salsa, beans, asparagus, tuna, yuck!

It starts with a coffee cup and if I’m lucky, she rinses it before setting it on my top rack. If not, I endure the dripping of the remains till she runs out of those cups and let’s me wash them. Most of the plates and silverware are all rinsed well. Oh, and those water bottles! They’re always falling over and it’s really hard to clean them when they’re on their side.  

I’ll tell you a secret….something I do to irritate her…..I’m efficient, I’m not perfect! When she opens my door, I just let the top rack slide out. Of course she pushes it back in so she can reach the bottom shelf to put in the utensils and plates. But I just push it back out. Sometimes she gets pretty upset that the top rack won’t stay in and out of her way.  

I also have flat buttons on the outside. She has to push them and hold them in hard, or I just light them up, pretending they are in all the way. The best part is if she pushes them, sees them lit, and quickly leaves. I make a few noises so she thinks I’m running, and then quit. Then if she notices, I say if, because her nose is always on the iPad, she’ll come out and restart me.

I have such fun with this. What else can a dishwasher do? It’s boring here in her kitchen!

3 thoughts on “MLMM Tale Weaver 129

  1. I love your dishwasher’s sense of humour — rolling racks and making a few starting up noises. I was always sure appliances played pranks — just ask my washing machine! And, the electronics, well. . .
    A very inventive and imaginative tale full of humour and character!
    Thanks for playing along.

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