Daily Prompt:  Precipice


Have you ever been on the edge
Not on your bed, or even a ledge
But of laughing or crying
But someone’s spying
So you muffle and hide it instead?
This is me with some blogs
Can’t just act like a log
I quickly react
To every fact
Presented as I sit and peruse
Especially the blogs from Suze
I’m constantly on the precipice
Sitting here in my edifice
Laughing, as usual, entertained
By her stories, humorously veined.
Now if you wake up doubtful
Your lips are poutful
Pull up a chair
Check out her lair.
At http://www.suziland.net


8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Precipice

  1. As I was saying before being rudely interrupted by my falling finger on some unwanted button, Beowulf was one of the grossest movies I ever saw!😂


    1. It was a movie? dang…I thought it was just a horrible and too-long-to-be-endured poem. In its defense…no, nevermind, there really IS no defense of this icky poem..Beowulf, not yours. Yours is wonderful. lol

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  2. okay…an Ode to Suze! How incredible is this epic poem? It shall go down in history..I am not sure exactly WHY but I know it will! Sort of like Beowulf without all the killing and vikings stuff. Thanks hun for the shout out. You had me rolling with laughter! So much so the dogs took advantage of my inability to control myself and stole half my dinner! Keep it up and I might lose weight!

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