I thank the lovely young lady at 🌸🌸for nominating me for this award.  I am honored to be receiving this and appreciate her thoughtfulness.  She has a beautiful blog named Poetic Bliss and it’s just that.  Check out her Six Word Romance. Great fun!

There’s probably not much anyone here doesn’t know about me already, but here are seven facts:

1.  I have been a widow for four years now, have nine grandchildren, ages 4-23, and three wonderful grown married children, and proud of all of them.

2.  I am a New England woman, Vermont bred, with all that implies, and my opinions are my own. (I see this disclaimer, and think, well it IS your blog)😉

3.  I grew up on a dairy farm, named my favorite cow Elizabeth, and was chased by pecking chickens, not the cute kind🐣….

4.  I was married for 47 years, so entirely capable of giving unsolicited advice.  Yes, I’m definitely in my prime now!😂

5.  I love vegetables, fruit and all kinds of bread, and maple walnut anything.🍨

6.  I started the blog to encourage and help others with my same health history of uterine and bladder cancer, wheelchair bound, you know, all the fun stuff!  Life can be humorous no matter what comes your way. 🤠

7.  I am a lucky person and I have lots to be thankful for.  Humor is my favorite “thing”.  I like to try challenges or prompts on the blog, and enjoy reading and meeting new people here.  Thanks to all of you!🤗

I read and like so many blogs here, and in past awards I have nominated quite a few.  I don’t want to make choices or you’ll be reading here for hours!  You know who you are, so thank you, keep writing and I’ll keep reading!


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