Picture Prompt- 134 – Darkness

“Only a few more steps, I can make it, I can.”

The blood was coming faster now, and he was getting weaker. He dragged the leg no matter how much pain it caused, he had to make it inside. The tunnel was only a few feet from him now. They wouldn’t follow him there. Most evil creatures love the darkness, but not his attackers. Small and wiry bits of teeth and fangs, they dart in and bite, then disappear as quickly as they came.

His pant leg was soaking with the blood, but he kept going. Only one more step or two and he would be safe. He sunk down into the hard floor of the tunnel. Darkness clouded his eyes, but he was able to remove his belt for a tourniquet. This would hold only a short time; he hoped she would miss him. He sat in painful expectation of rescue. He couldn’t let desperation take him back into the light. He knew there were more creatures waiting.


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