MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge 157

The year is 2054.  On the side of the canal Miss Pennypacker was indulging in the latest form of transportation for quick trips.  She hadn’t experienced it previously, but had heard rumors it was an enjoyable  ride.  As she let the attendants put on the necessary gear, including a complete head covering, she began to get nervous, as she was claustrophobic.  She struggled a bit until it was covering all but her eyes.  Then they applied the goggles. She wanted to question the necessity of such gear, but these automated servers weren’t talking.  She imagined the air over the poisoned canal water was toxic also. She tried to relax and let them finish her preparations. Having several helpful robot companions at the office and one at home, she had adapted to their efficient silence.  She wondered how she was going to levitate over water in the canal when she was hooked to a ridiculously shaped balloon heart, the lifting device.  Before she could ask another unanswered question, she started to drift, and float, not high, but quite a distance from the water.  She thought the sensation was pleasant enough and her destination was visible.  Waiting there were more robotic helpers to land her safely.



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