Share Your World-3-13-17

Good morning, evening, or afternoon! I never know what time zone anyone is in. I’m in the Mountain time zone in Wyoming USA. My answers for Cee’s questions for Share Your World are:

1. If I’m by myself, only once. I’ve been known to sit there thinking of something else, without pushing the button. I guess I think it will just magically appear. Those are usually doctor appointment days when transportation is least on my mind.

2. I am not a planner for my own activities. I love spontaneity! However, if it is an event of some kind, I do thoroughly, carefully plan.

3. Four uplifting words to describe myself? You’ve got to be kidding….is that you, Lost? Uplifting-well, I am a two time cancer survivor so that’s pretty “up” there. I try to be positive. I encourage others, especially my children and their children. And lastly, I try to be humourous…..I know, but I said “try”. See? I added the extra u for the dictionarian.

4. I wouldn’t mind any of the locations except the hot tub. Not for me. But probably my favorite would be the fresh water lake, with a cabin. Private. No ski resort type. I like mountains as you know, oceans, beaches, deserts, all. But my absolute fave would be a cabin in the woods with a lake and mountain view. Ahhhh.

I am grateful my grandsons ages 14 and 17 came to bug me this weekend. I love their company. We watched Ironman2 again and generally fooled around. Also had fun shopping for silly stuff and snacks with my daughter. (Items for a care package for her oldest daughter who is studying for the MCATS in May).

This week I am looking forward to watching, possibly helping, my granddaughter make Leprechaun Bait for her fourth grade class. We shopped for the ingredients and just need individual bags to put it in.

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