Daily Prompt:  Vivid

Mom walked in and she was livid.

Her son’s hair he had dyed vivid

Green, looked just like Godzilla!

She said you can’t leave the villa

Looking like that, your hair is a sight!

Can’t go to school, you’ll give a fright

If it was just the hair, wouldn’t be so bad

But he dyed his skin also, not just his head.

The mother was stymied, what could she do

She yelled, what’s the matter with you?

Don’t worry he said, it’s only for school

I’m trying out for a play, takes place near a pool.

I play the prince who’s disguised as a frog

All I have to do is sit on a log

A princess falls in love with me

Gives me a kiss and then I flee.

I disappear quickly behind the curtains

Then come out as me, in tights and a jerkin.

Everyone cheers, the audience clapping 

 Happily ever after, with our great acting.


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