Cyranny’s Cove Amazing Race-Moe, from Team Monkey

Hey!  Moe here again.  Yes, still in Cheyenne, and man, I had to hold tight to my snack!  The wind is super strong!  Today my team leader’s grandson drove us around a bit and we took some pictures.  The car wash was so cool!


Then we drove “downtown”, pretty small really, but this building is at the Depot

We drove by the capitol building which is being renovated.  Cheyenne is the capitol of Wyoming.

One of the biggest activities is Cheyenne Frontier Days that happens here.  The stadium is huge.

I was getting hungry so we made a detour to Dairy Queen for my favorite….a banana split!  Ate at the park.

These two pics are from Frontier Park.

These large cowboy boots appear all over Cheyenne.  This one is not as colorful as most.

We drove over the train yard.

And the oil refinery.  One last picture of the movie theatre they go to often.

We tried to see one, but they have this rule against monkeys coming inside the theater.  Who knew?

Caveat:  Poor quality of these pics due to poor quality photographer with iPad.

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  1. Thanks for the Tour Cheryl! It is so wide open, When we were out that way , it just seemed like a whole different world from New York! Thanks again,, I love reading your blog!

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