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Rory, that old questionable guy….uh, that’s not quite right, the guy with the questions…better? : ) He asked how often we update our About page and I thought, yup, should do that. But as I read my old one below, I realize not too much has changed. I am now four years cancer free so that’s new, on no meds and that’s a reason to celebrate! I have many more people reading my blog which is an inspiration to keep on writing and I’m thankful for thst. I have tried to venture out and do more challenges, and that’s a good thing, maybe not for you, the reader, but for my psyche at least. I am more homebound than before so reaching out in the blog helps keep me relatively sane. I have met and read so many outstanding people here, and that is the biggest reward of all. Thank you all for reading. I appreciate your taking the time to include me.

This was my 2017 About page:

A new day, a new dawn, a new year….2017! Welcome to my blog. I started this around a year or so ago, and had no idea anyone would read it. It was a cathartic endeavor. I’m glad you decided to take a chance and read some of my stuff. I’m excited to know more of you here on the blogoverse. Or whatever it’s called. Sometimes I like my own words better. I have a sense of humor and usually write that way. I speak my mind, what little of it there is left and don’t mean to offend anyone. Well there is this one….nah, JK.  
I am a widow since 2013, live alone in a semi- handicapped apartment in Wyoming. I have three grown children with families and my grandchildren are pictured below. I love them without measure, and may brag about them a bit. I love the challenges and try some of them. Once in a while I have a serious moment and write about it. I hope you’ll visit often and leave your calling card so I can visit you!


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      Honestly your best bet is to use goggle search for ‘clear cache on ‘ and follow the guides, they will be easy to follow because they will be written for computer illiterate people and then make sure you bookmark the site or get someone to print it because it’s a task that all users should not just know how to do but do every few months

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  1. Happy 2017! I’m so happy that our paths crossed in the blogosphere in 2016 so that we could continue following each other in 2017.

    Keep on blogging; the blogosphere (and I) need you 🤗 xx

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