Tale 104-26117-A Magical Place

A hole in a tree, that’s what she thought.  Nothing special.  She was tired from her walk and sat down across from the tree and fell asleep.  In her slumber she imagined she was so tiny she could enter the gap in the green bark.  Not knowing why she should tiptoe, but did so as she entered.  It was not as dark inside as she first thought.  In fact there were a few strange moving lights on the sides.  Always being a curious child, she ventured further into the cavelike structure.

“Good day, my dear!”she heard from the dark.  The figure of a dragonfly flew close to her side, almost as large as herself, but she was not frightened.  “Have you come to greet the Princess?”  The greeter motioned for her to follow.  “Here she is!”

The child was fascinated by the appearance of birds, butterflies, damselflies, bumble bees, and others.  In the center of these creatures was a pale pink rose.  The rose petals surrounded a tiny fairy.  Her wings were still covered with droplets of dew.  Upon the child’s presence, the Princess opened her eyes.  The child was mesmerized with the fairy’s  beauty.  She was about to extend a small finger to touch the rose when she heard a loud shout.

“Mary, where are you?  Oh, there you are, did you fall asleep?  What a charming place you found.  Come along.”  Mary shook herself off and looked down where she fallen asleep.  What a dream, she thought to herself.  She glanced at the hole in the green bark, and noticed something, a pale pink rose petal.


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